A Global Certification Program for Dietary Supplement Brands

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The NutraStrong™ certification is an industry spanning program that classifies products with
relevant and specific standards for each product category. These standards set a baseline of
quality and testing to ensure the market is providing customers with quality products. This program
is designed to gatekeep against companies with misleading claims, inaccurate or false Certificate of Analyses (COAs), and
prevent these products from being sold side by side with premium brands.

NutraStrong™ also seeks to take advantage of consumer trends to not only showcase the
brands commitment to quality, but by also showcasing their corporate values/stewardship
prominently on their company profile pages and product reports. These values can be
showcased and explained such as supplier selection, charitable works, community involvements
or any other certification programs that are supported to gain a competitive edge with their

The Four Pillars of NutraStrong™

Testing Standards

All products will be reviewed for adequate test results. To suit your needs, we provide several testing options with varying levels of surveillance. If you have a COA available, we will conduct a per-lot review to verify results and ensure consistent compliance with industry standards. Should you require testing, you may submit samples and we will arrange for all testing paramaters to be met and provide a detailed test report.  

If testing standards are not met, our in-house experts will work with you to resolve any issues through a General Consulting Services Agreement. 

Label Compliance

Initial label overview and regulatory compliance sign off sheet. Included in this checklist is:

  1. Ingredient Review vs Testing Results (against FDA Dietary Supplement Labelling Standards);
  2. Initial Review of Structure Function Claims and Related Health Claims (based on FDA CFR Part 111 Compliance)
  3. Allergen and Certification Claims Review 
  4. Allergen and Certification Claims Testing (as needed)

To ensure ongoing compliance, we will follow up with an annual review form to confirm whether or not any changes have been made to the label.

Manufacturing Quality

Good Manufacturing Quality (GMP) or equivalent certification held on file and verified on program initiation and annually. Clients will submit proof of current manufacturing compliance such as GMP, ISO, NSF, USP or other quality marks the client wishes to position to demonstrate supply chain quality and integrity. Our staff will review and confirm all data provided is current and in good standing and will incorporate these listings into this product report section. 

Corporate Values

Multiple avenues to showcase and highlight corporate stewardship / causes that are supported. This includes other certification programs and charitable works. Clients may provide the following types of certification or program marks for incorporation into the product report by Nutrasource staff:

  1. Eco Sustainability - Any certification or related standard that demonstrates ecological sustainability, assistance to the environment, curbing pollution, sustainable agricultural or aquacultural practices, or any other activity that benefits a natural ecosystem or environment.
  2. Cause Marketing - Any cause the client embraces for the betterment of humans and / or animals. This cause can be localized, regional or global in nature.

Please note that, Nutrasource reserves the right, due to legal, ethical, or corporate values consideration, to refrain from posting certain third-party corporate values marks.

Get Certified


Who can become NutraStrong™ certified?

Our certification applies to dietary supplement brands and natural health product companies who meet our program standard. Examples of product types that may be eligible to be certified are:

  • Vitamins 
  • Minerals 
  • Botanicals, Botanical Compunds, and Herbs
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Omega-3s
  • Antioxidants
  • Protein Powder
  • Collagen
  • Amino Acids
  • Nootropics

Within the NutraStrong™ certification, we have 2 targeted verification programs specific to Prebiotics and Collagen to address concerns in the market with more to follow. 

NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified

NutraStrong™ Prebiotic Verified addresses two industry points by maintaining a level of quality standardization. These points include verification of input quantity as well as ingredient efficacy provided from either the supplier or internal sources. 

NutraStrong™ Collagen Verified

NutraStrong™ Collagen Verified addresses specific industry needs in the collagen space. NutraStrong™ includes safety testing as well as industry accepted and verified identification testing to clarify source and efficacy of the ingredient. This certifiation and program standard for testing helps create an industry standard that is of the highest benefit to consumers and gatekeeps against subpar brands.

To learn more about the NutraStrong™ program and certification, contact us today.