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Probiotics need to be alive to have any beneficial health effects, plain and simple. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on a product that doesn’t work.

Quantifying probiotics is not as straightforward as for other types of supplements like vitamins due to their living state. This is not only confusing for shoppers but creates the potential for misleading label claims.

Some brands label probiotics by weight (mg) and others by Colony Forming Units (CFUs). Though the regulations aren’t yet set in stone for probiotic quantity declarations in all regions, CFUs is generally accepted as being more accurate because it indicates how many viable (live) bacteria are in a product.

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Even with proper labelling, there is no way to tell if the probiotics inside a capsule, food, or drink are living or not without analytical testing.

IPRO takes the burden off you and places it on the manufacturer. It’s up to them to prove their products are viable and manufactured under the right conditions to maintain quality. Look for the IPRO certification mark on labels as reassurance that a product has fulfilled all testing criteria to receive get certified.

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