Quality Concerns

Transparency has positive implications for brands - fostering product loyalty, brand loyalty, and trust.

Shoppers are more concerned about what’s in the products they use and consume than ever before. They want to see everything from a complete ingredient breakdown to sourcing information. What’s more, if a brand doesn’t provide them with this information, consumers will look elsewhere for it.

This puts brands in a vulnerable position - one that involves shoppers consuming (and likely believing) third-party information about their products. It means being open and honest about how products are made, what ingredients they contain, and what measures were taken to guarantee quality.

Certifications by Nutrasource fosters a relationship of trust—the cornerstone of transparency—between companies and people. When a brand gets products certified by IFOS, IGEN, or IPRO, it's a signal that they're committed to transparency through science.

Learn more about quality concerns for omega-3s, probiotics, products that may contain GMOs, and cannabinoids.