Why SGS Nutrasource?

Since we launched IFOS in 2004, we've been guiding the supplement industry in the right direction by providing the tools and services necessary to help companies comply with regulations to bring their products to fruition in the marketplace.

Without Certifications by Nutrasource, shoppers would have no choice but to take companies at their word. And while there are many reputable brands out there (we know because we work with many of them!), not all of them are honest about the quality and contents of the products they’re selling.

A few facts about us:

  • Our core services are regulatory consulting, clinical trials, product testing, and certifications. We also offer a diagnostic test in the U.S., the Omega Blood Score, to measure omega-3 levels in the blood.
  • We've worked with hundreds of companies around the world to help them sell evidence-based, quality health products.
  • Our clients range from small “mom ‘n’ pop” brands to large pharmaceutical companies.
  • We employ over 100 scientists and experts specializing in nutrition, pharmaceutical science, regulatory affairs, toxicology, and analytical chemistry.
  • Nutrasource is the creator and exclusive provider of the NutraStrong™, IFOS™, IKOS™, IGEN™, IPRO™, and ICAP™ certifications.
  • Above all, we are committed to scientific credibility and product excellence. That’s why we’ve expanded our certifications to better serve consumers globally.

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