Omega-3 Liquid Gold

Product Summary

A-M B-Well™ Omega-3 Liquid Gold has a Natural Product Number ("NPN") 80013016 issued by the Natural Health Products Directorate ("NHPD") of Canada. Omega-3 Liquid Gold is available in a 125 ml. bottle / 4 oz bottle. Each 5 ml. / 1 tsp. of Omega-3 Liquid Gold is equivalent to 5 capsules of Omega-3 PGFO capsules so the liquid is very easy to take for customers that require higher dosages of Omega-3. YES, that is a whopping dosage of 5,000 mg. / 5 grams of fish oil containing 2,000 mg. of EPA and 1,000 mg. of DHA for a minimum summed total of 3,000 mg. of Omega-3s per 5 ml. / 1 tsp.

Product Type: Liquids

Recommended Daily Allowance: 1 teaspoon (5 mL)

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A M B Well Inc.
London, ON, CA
N6M 1K9

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