What Should You Look for When Choosing a Supplement?

Does it matter which supplement brand you take? Join Registered Dietitian, Jemma Besson, as she explains how you can find third party tested supplements and transparent brands you can trust. 

Jemma Besson RD, CDE – Registered Dietitian at Limitless Living Nutrition | Nov 22, 2020

Does it matter which supplement brand I take? I get asked this question on a daily basis from my clients. Being a Registered Dietitian, my goal is to get as many vitamins and minerals from real food sources, but quite often this is just not possible. Today people are busier than ever and don’t always have the time to prepare balanced meals and snacks every single day. There are also situations where supplements are essential, like in pregnancy for example. Supplements have their place, and they can be a fantastic complement to a healthy diet.

What does Third-Party Tested mean?

So back to the original question of whether the supplement brand matters. The answer is yes, and here’s why. When I am recommending supplement brands to my clients, my number one priority is safety. I want to ensure that the product contains exactly what the label claims. I also want to be confident that the product does not contain toxins like heavy metals. It is important that companies are open and transparent, and third-party testing is exactly how this is achieved. When a brand has their product third-party tested and certified it means that a completely separate company performs unbiased rigorous testing on their products to look for quality, safety, and purity. Third-party testing is a way of showing transparency and trust in brands. You can know that what this product is advertising is what you are actually getting in each bottle.

How can I tell if a supplement has been Third-Party Tested?

This brings me to a company called Nutrasource. A fellow Canadian company leading the way in supplement and natural health products third-party testing and certification.  What is important to understand about Nutrasource and their certifications is that they actually do not sell or endorse any supplements themselves – they are not affiliated with any one supplement company. Their mission is to serve YOU – the consumer. They want to empower you to feel safe that the supplement that you are taking actually contains what it claims.

Nutrasource has four different certification programs depending on the product you are looking for. Let’s review them all below:

Where do you find the certifications?

Find certifications on the back or front of the product label. For example:

The bottom line

These days, choosing supplements can be overwhelming. Looking for third party certifications (such as the ones mentioned above) is one way I narrow down my search to ensure that the products I am taking are independently verified to contain exactly what the labels claim. Brands that choose to have their products tested by Nutrasource understand the importance of full transparency and how this helps consumers like you, feel confident and safe taking their products on a daily basis.


Click here to check out the ever growing list of supplement brands that have been certified by one or more of Nutrasource’s certification programs.  


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